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YuriHarem -
Changelog: Small fix so you can go outside into the game world, you just have to talk to 6 people!...
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YuriHarem -
Bug fix for the bug I fixed in the last patch, had the wrong variable number in the text Added some dialog changes for the new feature from and some ot...
1 file —
YuriHarem -
Some small Bug Fixes, The towns folk no longer call you Ethan. Added some dialog about god or goddess worship to the intro...
1 file —
YuriHarem - 0.0.14
This is the very first version of my rewrite, there are not a lot of things to do yet, as I have to rewrite the entire town again, and get my Systems back in pl...
1 file — 0.0.14
Windows 0.0.13
Version 0.0.13 Update log Changed an NPC in the church, gave her a small dialog. Added a pub to town...
1 file — 0.0.13
Yuriharem - 0.0.12/ VR 0.0.8
Fixed the Upper and Lowercase Bug that was posted in our community section, Thank you guys for finding that!...
2 files
Yuriharem - 0.0.11/ 0.0.6
Okay that should be the last of the dialog issues between your home, and all the other stuff you can interact with in town, and the menu's Hopefully anyway *Cro...
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Go ahead and paste your bugs here, screenshots, and where you found it in the description thank you!
started by Darkness Kitten May 23, 2018
26 replies
I have the unity Exporter for Smile (The Engine I use) do you think I should export out and post the game as a web game...
started by Darkness Kitten Aug 17, 2019
5 replies
So I know the content creator had to start over (or something like that), but that was a REALLY long time ago. I would l...
started by TyranntX Jul 22, 2020
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i'm stuck at the starting town i down know what to do
started by watervanoss Aug 22, 2019
3 replies
Lets go ahead and chat about the game here, no posting naughty pictures, etc.
started by Darkness Kitten May 23, 2018
3 replies
Okay so I lost all the work I did previously, so Im having to rebuild what I had from scratch, I apologize that its been...
started by Darkness Kitten Jun 07, 2019
2 replies